GPS Control Survey and Training

A GPS (Global Positioning System) control survey utilizes high precision survey grade Global Positioning Receivers to establish horizontal and vertical values for remote locations. Measurements can be determined without the necessity of a clear line of sight between points on the ground, which enables the surveyor to work in extraordinary terrain and to cover large areas in an efficient and precise manner. GPS equipment is sometimes used to gather vertical and horizontal positions of existing features including, but not limited to, boundaries, improvements, topography and planned locations for construction.

Chris Nelson and Associates offers training by experienced professionals that will train your staff in proper GPS data collection, calibration setup with local grid systems.

GIS & Utility Location Survey

GIS or Geographic Information System is a computer-mapping database used to delineate a wide variety of geographic features and their attributes. Chris Nelson & Associates, Inc. prepares digital maps to help government agencies and the private sector to obtain valuable information on features for managing resources and obtaining data for a multitude of uses. It is important to have improvements surveyed or obtained from aerial photogrammetric methods with ground control to obtain an accurate digital drawing.

Above ground utilities on or near a property will be measured and identified and shown on a design survey of the subject property. Underground utilities can be identified as either marked on the surface by utility locators or as shown on plans prepared by respective utility companies. A boundary survey will need to be performed either beforehand or simultaneously with the Utility Location Survey to determine the location of the utilities in relationship to the exterior boundary lines, right of way or easement locations.